Brangus Attributes

The Brangus breed was developed to utilize the superior traits of Angus and Brahman cattle Their genetics are stabilized at 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus. The Brahman, through rigorous natural selection, developed longevity, disease resistance and overall hardiness unmatched by any breed. The Angus is widely known for beef quality. The combination results in a breed that unites the most desirable traits of two highly successful breeds.

The outstanding maternal strengths, feedlot performance, and carcass merit of Brangus are advantageous. This naturally polled breed was developed to withstand extreme climates and challenging environments. They are a hardy, disease and parasite resistant cattle that efficiently produce uniform, predictable calf crops.

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TBBA History

The effort to develop the Brangus breed began as early as 1932 and the first organization of Brangus breeders was chartered in 1949.

Founded in 1956, the Texas Brangus Breeders Association is a voluntary association of ranchers. The organization works to promote and market Brangus Cattle, provide leadership and assist its members.

The TBBA holds bull and female sales in various parts of the state every year and individual TBBA members hold private production sales which account for thousands of bull sales every year.

Serving and promoting the interest of its members specific to the breeding, raising, and marketing of Brangus cattle